Standard 1: Managing the Program Strategically

What does COPRA say about Standard 1?

June 2013, Mission-based Outcomes Assessment: COPRA expects programs successful in accreditation to show a clear connection between the mission and goals of the program and its overall program and student learning assessment processes. COPRA should clearly observe the relation among the elements of assessment, as well as clearly defined and observable program goals, objectives, and outcomes to guide the evolution of the program’s mission, design, and continuous improvement. The program should present formal documentation of how it establishes its goals and outcomes. This should be strategically articulated in a logic model, which explicitly outlines the links between the mission and goals of the program, the curriculum, specifically courses delivering required competencies, the measures, and student learning outcomes.

June 2012, Linking competencies to mission and goals: COPRA expects to observe a clear link between the program’s mission and the competencies expected of its students. Programs should use logic models or other similar illustrations in their Self Study Reports to show the connections between the various aspects of their goals, measurements, and outcomes.  Programs should explicitly articulate the linkage between Standard 1.3 and Standard 5.1.  Although Standard 1.3 refers to program outcomes more broadly, student learning outcomes should be included in the discussion of Standard 1.3, in terms of how they relate to overall program goals.

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