Roster of Accredited Programs

NASPAA accreditation recognizes that a master’s degree program in public policy, affairs, or administration has undertaken a rigorous process of peer review conducted by the Commission on Peer Review and Accreditation (COPRA). All NASPAA-accredited programs have successfully met the NASPAA Accreditation Standards for Professional Master’s Degree Programs in Public Affairs, Policy and Administration. Some universities have more than one NASPAA-accredited program; in this case each master’s degree program must meet NASPAA standards independently. Accreditation of a degree program extends to all campuses and formats where that degree is offered. NASPAA does not accredit schools, undergraduate degrees, or PhD programs.

NASPAA’s membership consists of 301 member institutions, which offer undergraduate and graduate degrees in public affairs and administration. Of the total number of programs eligible to participate in peer review, 202 programs at 183 schools (61% of member institutions) are accredited. 

Annual Roster of Accredited Programs

 Effective September 1, 2018

The years appearing immediately following the institutional name indicates the projected academic year for the next regularly scheduled review. (For example, if the year indicates “2018-19,” then the self study would be submitted by August 15, 2018, the site visit would take place sometime between February and April of 2019, and the accreditation decision would be made by the Commission in June of 2019.) This year identification does not preclude the Commission from authorizing a site evaluation prior to the designated year.

Annual Roster of Accredited Programs

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