Site Visitor Training

Site Visitor Trainings take place in-person and online throughout the year. Experienced site visitors, current or former COPRA members, or NASPAA Staff lead discussions about the site visit process, the role of the site visit, and the NASPAA Standards, to prepare all volunteers for site visits.

The following video playlist is a prerequisite for all NASPAA Site Visitor Trainings. Ahead of your training, please watch each of the 10 videos, which are about 8-10 minutes each, for an orientation to the site visit process and the NASPAA Standards. Corresponding PowerPoints for each video are available below. If questions arise, please feel free to bring them to your training!

Individual Videos and PowerPoints:

Standard 1: Mission  (PowerPoint)
Standard 2: Governance  (PowerPoint)
Standard 3: Faculty  (PowerPoint)
Standard 4: Students (PowerPoint)
Standard 5: Universal Required Competencies (PowerPoint)
Standards 5.2-5.4: Mission-specific and professional competencies (PowerPoint)
Standard 6: Resource Adequacy (PowerPoint)
Standard 7: Communications (PowerPoint)
Standards 1.3/5.1: Logic Models, Linking the Standards (PowerPoint)
Serving on a Site Visit Team (PowerPoint)

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