November 2017 Monthly Roundup

Looking to expand your knowledge related to accreditation, higher education, program management, or performance management? Every month, we share a short list of articles or resources from around the web that may be interesting and valuable to NASPAA-accredited programs.

  • My Visual Sidekick. (2017, November 7). Logic Model Makeover (Diagram Design) [Blog post]. – Is your logic model easy to understand and implement?
  • Denecke, D., Kent, J., & McCarthy, M.T. (2017). Articulating learning outcomes in doctoral education. Washington, DC: Council of Graduate Schools. – “Having clear and explicit learning outcomes helps students navigate important milestones, prepares students for a wide variety of career paths, and enables doctoral programs to measure their own success.”
  • Kreighbaum, Andrew. (2017, November 30). How the Tax Bills Would Hit Higher Ed. Inside Higher Ed. – Changes to how the tax code treats student loan interest, benefits, charitable deductions, and tuition waivers are poised to significantly impact higher education.
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