Meet Jeff Osgood, new COPRA member!

February 8, 2012 / West Chester University / Dr. Jeffrey L. Osgood, Jr. / Photo by Bob Laramie

February 8, 2012 / West Chester University / Dr. Jeffrey L. Osgood, Jr. / Photo by Bob Laramie


Jeffery L. Osgood, Jr. PhD MPA
Vice Provost
Dean (interim), College of Business and Public Management
West Chester University



Jeff serves as the principal deputy to the Provost and represents her to the university community. As Vice Provost, he advises the Provost on a wide range of matters of institutional importance, including operational and strategic planning. Jeff has primary responsibility for providing leadership in the areas of academic program and policy development, accreditation, assessment, faculty and staff development, program review, and serves as liaison with the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education and the Middle States Commission of Higher Education. Prior to his current position, Jeff served as founding chair of the department of Public Policy and Administration and led the MPA program through initial accreditation by NASPAA. His research interests are in the areas of local government, economic development, and sustainability. During the 2016-2017 academic year, Jeff will also serve as the interim dean of the College of Business and Public Management.

In his own words:

“While accreditation is a complex and appropriately difficult process that results in the determination of whether a program meets the highest standards of a profession/discipline, the real value of accreditation is the resulting organizational change that occurs.  For our program, the years of self-study and preparation have created a culture of continuous improvement where students are at the center of all programmatic activities. While the accomplishment of NASPAA accreditation ranks at the top of my list of professional achievements, I found the greatest and most lasting value in the work leading up to that moment.”

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