Looking Ahead: 2016

Happy New Year from NASPAA and COPRA! As you begin your spring semesters and look ahead at the next year, a reminder:

  1. Eligibility Applications, for programs interested in beginning the accreditation process, are due April 15 or August 15.
  2. Self-Study Reports, for the 2016-17 cohort and any eligibility-reviewed programs ready to submit, are due, locked in the NASPAA Data Center, August 15.
  3. Annual Data Reports, including the Accreditation Maintenance Report required of accredited programs, are due October 1.
  4. The 2016 Accreditation Institute, which precedes the NASPAA Annual Conference, is October 19 in Columbus, Ohio.

If you are unsure when your self-study report is due, check the Roster of Accredited Programs for your cohort year. If your program has “2017-18” marked as the year in which your accreditation expires, your self-study report is due August 15, 2017.

Questions specific to your program? Contact gregory@naspaa.org!


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