December 2015 Monthly Roundup

Looking to expand your knowledge related to accreditation, higher education, program management, or performance management? Every month, we share a short list of articles or resources from around the web that may be interesting and valuable to NASPAA-accredited programs.

  • Learning, not wages”, Doug Lederman, Inside Higher Ed – an argument for increased consensus and alignment among regional accreditors, especially as pertains to defining learning outcomes.
  • When Recruiting Minority Faculty Members isn’t Enough”, Audrey Williams June, The Chronicle for Higher Education – A discussion of the crucial role of the climate of inclusiveness at a university.
  • Doctorate Recipients from U.S. UniversitiesNational Center for Science and Engineering Statistics Directorate for Social, Behavioral, and Economic Sciences, National Science Foundation – Annual census of doctorates earned, with associating data tables.
  • Higher education for a hyper-connected world”, Patrick Blessinger, University World News“In addition, colleges and universities find themselves in a situation where they must prepare students with knowledge and skills for jobs that may not yet exist. But how does an institution do this in a world that has become increasingly hyper-specialised?”
  • Diversity’s Elusive Number: Campuses Strive to Achieve ‘Critical Mass’”, Dan Berrett, The Chronicle for Higher Education – “At what point are diversity’s educational benefits broadly realized, and is there a threshold at which students from underrepresented racial groups feel welcome?”
  • Black student leaders present recommendations for a more inclusive MIT”, Jennifer Chu, MIT News – Students can shape the climate of inclusiveness at an institution – or in a program. How are your students involved in shaping the program?
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