2015 Self-Study Instructions Released!

COPRA is pleased to release the 2015 Self-Study Instructions. For the 2015 release, COPRA focused on specializations and concentrations: shifting from full student learning assessment of mission-specific elective competencies to an emphasis on both the truth and advertising aspect of specializations and capacity of programs to deliver them. The significant substantive change has previously been announced in COPRA’s policy statement in September 2015, and is now being collected into the official documentation.

Note for 2016-17 Cohort: These instructions constitute the template for your report, due August 15, 2016. The online form is in the process of being edited to reflect the changes, and will open for programs on January 11, 2016. As you work toward the deadline, the Word version of the Instructions may be useful.

For a summary of the changes, please click here.
For the 2015 Self-Study Instructions, please click here.

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