2015 Annual Maintenance Report: Due October 1!

Attention all accredited programs! The 2014-15 Annual Data Report is due in only THREE DAYS within the NASPAA Data Center. You will remember that to maintain accreditation, programs are required to submit annual accreditation maintenance reports (questions 1-16 of the Annual Data Report) on their progress, which are then reviewed and formally accepted by COPRA. Failure to complete the report could force COPRA to pull your program back into the accreditation cycle early. [2014-15 newly (re)accredited programs are required to submit a 2015 accreditation maintenance report]. You are strongly encouraged to complete the Annual Program Survey, as well, ensuring your program is searchable in the NASPAA School Search.

While it varies by program, programs may also be subject to monitoring by COPRA. The specific provisions of your monitoring may be found in the most recent decision letter. Unless your program has received formal notification the monitoring has been removed, you must respond to each Standard as indicated. Please also note that programs that have multiple modalities (satellite campuses, an online degree) must also provide their student and faculty data in the aggregate in the online form, as well as upload an attachment with the data broken down by modality.

To access the Annual Data Report, please see the Technical Instructions.  You can also download a word template of the report.

Questions? Contact Heather Gregory at gregory@naspaa.org


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