2013-2014 Accreditation Data Report Released!

COPRA is pleased to release its Annual Accreditation Data Report! The 2013-14 Report provides increased insight into our field, and the faculty, students, and alumni of our accredited programs. Thank you to each NASPAA-accredited program for providing the data featured in the report. Don’t forget to complete your 2014-15 Annual Data Report by October 1 to be included in next year’s Data Report!

What did we learn?

Our graduates are employed!
The majority of alumni work in the government and nonprofit sectors.



Read the report to learn more about the: 
  • Importance of internships to future employment
  • Trends in student employment
  • Overall monitoring on NASPAA Standards
  • Differences between accredited and non-accredited programs

In the four years NASPAA has published this report, we have continued to move forward with robust data collection. With each additional year of data, we are able to tell more of your story and to show the strengths of our programs, students, faculty, and alumni. To access past reports, please click here.


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