You’re Accredited! Now what?

Learn tools for engaging faculty in ongoing program improvement at the NASPAA Conference!

Program chairs and directors are classic middle managers: responsible and accountable; insufficient resources and authority. One way to obtain faculty support for things like reforming curricula, revising personnel policies, or seeking and maintaining accreditation is to apply mediation tools. These tools help build consensus rather than a majority.

Join Steve Maser, Professor Emeritus of Willamette University and 2014 Accreditation Institute Trainer, at the NASPAA Conference in Brooklyn, New York, to learn how to engage your faculty and build consensus in your role as a program administrator. Through interactive exercises and debriefing, this workshop identifies different ways to structure the decision-making process and reviews tactics for moving debate from dueling positions to joint problem solving. The tactics include eliciting information about individual interests; agreeing on criteria before discussing proposals; crafting umbrella questions; red, yellow, green voting; and more.

Session:   Department Chairs & Program Directors as Consensus Builders: Engage Your Faculty Using Mediation Techniques

When:       Wednesday, October 14, 2015, 1:00-5:00pm

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