May 2015 Article Roundup

Looking to expand your knowledge related to accreditation, higher education, program management, or performance management? Every month, we will share a short list of articles or resources from around the web that may be interesting and valuable to NASPAA-accredited programs.

  • How Joint Appointments Stall the Careers of Ethnic-Studies Professors”, Stacey Patton, The Chronicle of Higher Education – an interesting insight into the challenges that arise from holding a joint appointment. As an increasing number of public affairs programs become interdisciplinary, how can departments accommodate the dual demands on time?
  • Engaging Evidence: How Independent Colleges and Universities Use Data to Improve Student Learning, The Council of Independent Colleges – a look at the lessons learned by the CIC Engaging Evidence Consortium working to successfully institutionalize evidence-based decision making.
  • Flexibility or an End Run?”, Kellie Woodhouse, Inside Higher Ed – The University of Maine System is seeking a single accreditation for each of its campuses – can it be done while still ensuring autonomy and quality at individual campuses?
  • The Economic Value of  College Majors, Anthony P. Carnevale, Ban Cheah, Andrew R. Hanson, Center on Education and the Workforce – Not surprisingly, STEM fields out-earn liberal arts, but dig deeper into the report: the graduate (degree) advantage in public policy and administration is worth noting.
  • Current Term Enrollment Report – Spring 2015, National Student Clearinghouse Research Center – a brief summary of the enrollment decline in postsecondary institutions this spring.
  • The Case for Quality“, Sarah Asp Olson, Delta Sky – How is online education impacting universities across the country? How can you ensure quality?


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