Become a NASPAA Site Visitor!

COPRA is always looking to train new site visitors! Whether you are an academic or a practitioner in the public service field, we would be happy to include you in our pool of visitors. To become a NASPAA Site Visitor, every volunteer must:

  • Watch all Site Visitor training videos
  • Attend a site visitor training, either in-person or online (click here to see when the next one is!)
  • Email NASPAA staff current CV or resume
  • Match with a program and perform a conflict of interest check
  • Review Official Documents: NASPAA Standards, Self-Study Instructions, Policy Statements, Site Visitor Manual
  • Read all Program Materials: Self-Study Report, Interim Report, and Interim Report Response
For more detailed information about becoming a NASPAA Site Visitor or to learn when your next training opportunity is, check out the Site Visitor portion of the website, or contact!
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